With a long-standing history of support and friendship, we regret to announce that AGTV will no longer be providing broadcasting services for Rocket League Oceania (“RLO”). This decision was reached after several weeks of prior discussion about AGTV’s contractual obligations elsewhere in the Oceanic Rocket League scene and RLO’s need to grow their own Twitch channel. AGTV will continue to offer support and assistance behind the scenes where needed, but will no longer be hosting these events on a regular basis.

Since the inception of RLO, AGTV has offered support not only in broadcasting, but also at the back end in terms of administration and consultation on management decisions. We were among the first few to get on board with the concept and did our part to help grow and shape it in to the community that it is today.

Over time, AGTV has grown into the Talent Agency it is today. Now with our professional work with CyberGamer, ESL, the Oceanic Open Ladder and others, it has become difficult to field a production team for the community events we love. AGTV has contractual obligations to a lot of these organisations for the broadcasting and production services we provide, which takes up a majority of our week. Although we do not want to distance ourselves from the community that we love, we also recognise that there are limitations on our abilities and we want to ensure that we are doing what is best for the community.

Discussion between Dover and Judge led to the conclusion that this would be the right step for the Rocket League community. Although we will continue to support the RLO community over at AGTV and continue to be involved in Rocket League in the region, we will no longer be officially streaming the RLO events. This has been given back to the community as RLO looks to grow its own branding further through its Twitch channel.

You might see AGTV casters on the OCERocketLeague channel from time to time, getting some practice in and immersing themselves in the community, so please make sure you keep an eye out!

We will continue to provide top-quality broadcasting and talent for CyberGamer and ESL into the future, to ensure that the Oceanic Rocket League community has the best representation possible.

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