“Pale Horse eSports have partnered with AGTV for this season of MCS so that we can ensure we give our audience the very best production value and commentary across the entire event. With a dedicated production crew and casters the decision to go with Judge and his team was quite simple for us to make. We are looking forward to working with the team and hope this opens pathways for future collaborations between AGTV and Pale Horse eSports.” – Phil, Pale Horse eSports


Open Qualifiers

Saturday 29th July @ 7:00pm AEST

Double-elimination BO3

League Play

Thursday 10th August @ 6:00pm AEST
Thursday 17th August @ 6:00pm AEST
Thursday 24th August @ 6:00pm AEST
Thursday 31st August @ 6:00pm AEST

Round-robin BO5


The playoffs/ finals/ championship will be held online: Dates TBD

Prize Pool

$7000 USD

1st – $2800
2nd – $1750
3rd –  $1050
4th – $700
5th – $350
6th – $350


Mockit have had a troubled past in esports and because of this, several people have expressed concern to me about the Mockit Championship Series and its place here in Oceanic Rocket League.

Last time Mockit tried to expand into our region, the community pushed back and ultimately prevented it. At the time, Mockit were an ethically questionable organisation and the Oceanic community did not appreciate it, nor did they want to offer Mockit the opportunity to do the same locally.

When the news of an Oceanic Division of the Mockit Championship Series came around, I initially had reservations. The misconduct of the past was still fresh in my mind and in my role at AGTV, my top priority is protecting the rights of the talent within our agency. There was no way that I wanted to put any of the AGTV talent pool in a position where they could be mistreated or exploited.

However, the people at Pale Horse convinced me otherwise. With an agreement that secures the rights of the casters and protects them, as well as having great people in Phil and Max as our clients, I was satisfied.

Reputation is still an issue and is the main reason people have questioned me. AGTV has maintained a professional ethos and image throughout its lifespan and will continue to do so.

We have seen this as an opportunity to foster growth for esports in Oceania. Pale Horse are a great group and have been open, honest and upfront about everything surrounding the Mockit Championship Series.
AGTV is working closely alongside them to promote this event as another amongst the calendar of esports events for Rocket League in our region.

If you have any concerns, please send me a private message.

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